The Role of Biotechnology in the Modern World

History and development of biotechnology

Biotechnology is a discipline that deals with the study of living organisms, as well as their systems and vital products in order to solve technical problems and the ability to create living organisms with the desired properties using genetic engineering.
This term is often called the use of genetic engineering. However, the term itself is applied to a wider range of all possible processes of changes in bioorganisms in order to meet human needs. These can be modifications of plants and animals using artificial selection, as well as hybridization.

Using the latest techniques, biotechnology companies are able to make the best quality modern food products.
For the first time, the popular term “biotechnology” was used back in 1917. It has long been known to use microorganisms or their enzymes in industry, which are capable of providing a technological process.

Growing confidence in the industry has led to the discovery and success of companies. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the microbiological and fermentation industries developed. It was during this period that attempts were made to begin the production of antibiotics, as well as various concentrates obtained from yeast.

The long-awaited breakthrough came when penicillin was released. Then in the 40s it was possible not only to isolate but also to clear it to the required level.

Bioengineering is understood as a discipline whose task is to deepen knowledge in the field of engineering, as well as medicine, biology and generally improve human health through interdisciplinary developments. Biomedical engineering is the application of various technical approaches to solve medical problems to significantly improve health. Bioengineers work with a variety of living systems and use advanced technology to solve medical problems.

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